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hanging cupboards

media cabinets &

entertainment centers

All made to order, ready in about 8 weeks

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Our most popular media cabinet

is the bi-fold version,

This just might be the smallest way to hide that big monitor and still allow plenty of ventilation for the finicky electronics.  Heat build-up inside a cupboard can shorten the life and potentially void the warranty.  We will double check with the manufacturer of your monitor to ensure worry free operation





With the doors wrapped to the sides, you won't have to be bothered by the "wing span" of some others.

Adjustable shelves below allow plenty of cool room for the peripherals.


For those who don't mind showing it off...


Bedroom cabinets double as every day dressers or sweater chests.


custom wall trio


Old style monoliths still available

home With larger flat screen monitors you can either show them off or stash them away.   In the family room, bedroom or home theater, you can design just about anything to suit your style.  Every one of our media cabinets are built to customer specifications with an eye on detail and the lesser fun details for ventilation and ease of access.

2-piece construction gets them upstairs or into the basement

large panel door

mustard w/ red panels & gallery

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