Just outside of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania,

you'll find where there once was a place called

Good Intent Farm


The original stone house was added to over the years and a trio of log cabins were brought in. From seemingly little the place went from a shell of a house to a sprawling compound of detailed additions. The new owners (since about 2004) even have put in a fancy pool and patio, being from the city that's what you're supposed to do. 


The general store and garden house that kept Mrs. Barbour's collections of, well, just about everything, is now used to make room for the new family's treasures. If you like wildflowers and herbs, you would have loved this place.  Even with all that goes on here at the Farm, the geese still settle in the pond where each year several sets of newborns call this their first home. The Barbours did an amazing job and were featured in a couple of magazines but nothing like that can be kept up forever and it was time to move on. 


The place that inspired the furniture is always how we will recall those days.


Those of us who had the luck or the privilege to have visited the place

in its glory days will remember it fondly as it is pictured here...

All of these snapshots are from July 2002



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