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Welcome to Good Intent Farm where we've learned that although not everyone likes this kind of stuff, but those who do sure like it a lot. 

We know it's not for everybody and would admit in a second we couldn't make it for everybody anyway, so we just got lucky.  The work from our hands is available at nicer shops around the country and through the gracious help of registered dealers who will gladly ship to most anywhere in the States. If you have a shop, feel free to drop us a line or use the Email so we can help you get started or just let you know how to become a dealer.  (understandably we will need to confirm you business and tax certificates to send out proprietary information) With a little help our work might find a home in your neighborhood and hopefully be put to good use and make someone happy. 

If you found us just while poking around on the computer, thanks for giving us a look . Though we do pretty much work for the shops, we know there are plenty of places out of their reach, so we can work with you all though one of our selected shopkeepers and arrange direct shipping. If you see something you like and think we ought to build something for your home, please let us know.  We can see if there's a dealer in your area.  If you already have a favorite shop and think they should have our stuff, even better to let us both know.  To do so, use the Email to let us know the name of that store and perhaps someone to call.  We encourage you to support American cabinetmakers, local craftspeople and the folks working with their hands - it all helps keep the neighborhoods going.

Thanks again - Andy & Jane Grimes, Good Intent Farm, llc.

East Berlin, in Adams County, Pennsylvania

contact us:    717.259.5787

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A NOTE FROM THIS GUY ABOUT PICTURES ON THIS WEBSITE:  All images here in are the property of good intent farm, llc and are not intended for unauthorized duplication or other funny business.  If you would like to ask permission to use said images in your shop or in your own  promotional materials, that's cool, as long as you are doing it to help sell more of our work and we all can keep the kids fed and the lights on.  If you want to download the images and claim them to be your own it would make us sad for you and hope you can work those issues out before it leads to other, more disreputable behaviors you were warned about so often as a child.  Now get along with what you were doing and make the world a better place by doing the right thing.  God bless.